Pop-Up Gaming Hubs

Pop-Up Gaming Hubs will be planned as multiplier events to present the online escape room resources and encourage young people to engage with the resources developed. A minimum of 25 young people will be signed up at this event which will be held to coincide with a local festival or local event. As it is the intention that this event will 'piggy-back' on some bigger event that attracts a significant attendance it is difficult to pinpoint an exact date for this multiplier event but it will only be scheduled after all development work on the online escape room challenge-based learning resources has been completed.

The UK Pop-Up Gaming Hub was held in Lancaster on September 18th 2020 with over 30 young people and teachers present. 

The event was held over a whole day from 09:45 until 16:00 and different year groups were invited to participate in the various activities on a ‘round robin´ basis to minimise direct contact. The competition element was done on a group basis with small prizes for the teams achieving the best attempts at solving the clues and escape room challenges. The agenda was circulated in advance to staff to preare the students however there was scope for some flexibility and the lunch break was utilised to further share and enjoy the project activities. Competition went into the after and the teachers has extra sessions about the project concept and additional training workshops.Feedback was very positive and the challenge based activities will be used over the next academic year and more teachers will be trained on the core methodology of Neuro Guide.